Problems With Rodents in Australia

Australia is currently struggling with a “mouse plague” which has destroyed crops, infested homes and caused health problems. The disease-carrying rodents have invaded eastern Australia and are spreading across the country. There have been numerous reports of mice running around schools, hospitals and even supermarkets. This has led to economic losses for farmers and residents.

A single breeding pair can produce a litter of up to 500 offspring in a season. It takes about ten days for the first baby to arrive. However, the mouse plague is not over yet. If you are in an area affected by the critters, be aware that their numbers are likely to increase as the weather warms up in the coming months.

The plague of mice has devastated many parts of New South Wales and other Australian states. The infestation has caused millions of dollars of damage to farm and food related businesses. Some farmers are predicting the costs of the pest to reach over half a billion dollars.

Mice Plague
Mice Plague
Australian Bush Rat

In western and southern New South Wales, rodents are out of control. These animals are capable of contaminating foods, carrying diseases such as leptospirosis and lymphocytic chorilitis, and even carrying ticks. They can also destroy electrical wiring. One Australian farmer claims the mouse infestation is an “absolute plague” and that he has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of crops.

According to a recent report by the NSW Farmers, the mouse plague is costing the state $775 million in the coming winter crop season. The infestation has also caused the state to step up the use of pesticides. Last year, the state government announced that it would refund the cost of zinc phosphide rodenticide bait.

There are several reasons why the mouse is so prolific in rural and urban areas of the country. It’s one of the quickest ways to spread disease, and it’s also a good source of food. Plus, there’s plenty of room for the rodents to multiply. And, despite being smaller than rats, they can weigh as much as 30 grams.

This is a small sample of the mice that are causing havoc in Australia. As the drought has waned, the animals have found a plentiful food supply and the opportunity to breed. When a breeding pair is successful, it will give birth to a new litter every twenty days or so. Depending on the area, the number of babies is as high as twenty.

The mice have become such a problem in Australia that the CSIRO has identified a “mouse plague” in Queensland. Although the plague hasn’t hit the same scale as it did last summer, the numbers have increased.

It’s unclear how the plague originated. But there is a strong hypothesis that the sudden influx of mice is related to the huge grain harvest the state produced this summer. That’s because mice have a natural ability to feed off bumper crops.

A “mouse plague” has been raging in rural and urban areas of Australia for months. Many people are concerned with the number of mice gnawing on their homes and vehicles. Others complain about the disgusting smell of their soiled feces. Another worry is the risk of disease, which can come from mice and other animals like foxes and feral cats.

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