What You Need to Know About Ants in Australia

Ants are a diverse group of terrestrial insects that live in many different environments in Australia. They can be found in both arid deserts and rainforests. As a successful group of terrestrial animals, ants play an important role in both their environment and the larger ecosystem.

The Australian ant fauna is very varied, with more than 1,300 species known. Of these, most are native to Australia. However, some are introduced species. Invasive ants are a growing threat to native habitats. These invasive species are capable of quickly spreading across new territories, and they can overwhelm native species. This can have a devastating impact on agriculture and ground-nesting birds.

Ants live in colonies that can number in the hundreds of thousands. A colony can be divided into minor and major castes. Most ant colonies have fertile females and males. Usually, the workers live for several years, continuing to forage for food and care for the larvae. Workers are 4-5mm long.

Everything-You-Need-to-Know-About-Common Ants In Australia
Carpenter Ant
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Bull Ant

Ants in Australia are divided into three groups: indigenous Australian ants, introduced ants, and invasive species. Some of the invasive species have already impacted the Ashmore Reef islands.

Indigenous Australian ant species include the meat ant and the black house ant. Meat ants are mid-sized ants with a red head and dark body. They are distributed along the east coast and in inland wilderness areas. Their sting is painful, but it is not as dangerous as other ant species.

Carpenter ants are also a popular group of ants. These ants are dark brown, and their slender bodies are about 3-12mm long. They usually nest outside in moist forested habitats, but they can also nest inside buildings.

Besides being a major pest, invasive ants also affect the environment by harvesting sweet secretions from bugs and other organisms. They can damage electrical wiring, hay bales and piles of soil, and may even attack plants and trees. Many of these species are very aggressive, and a single ant can kill a person or animal.

There are many Australian plants that rely on ants for seed burying. Some, such as the carpenter ant, are native to Australia. But some ant species are introduced, such as the white footed house ant.

Invasive species can also be very dangerous, causing anaphylactic shock from ant bites. For example, the imported fire ant has spread at an average of 48 km per year between 1957 and 1977. It has been estimated that its colonies are within 50km of the New South Wales border.

Invasive species can also be difficult to eradicate. One of the most successful methods is to use pitfall traps. Pitfall traps are shallow plastic dishes that are buried in the ground. Pitfall traps contain a preservative to keep the ants from escaping.

While there are more than 1,300 different ant species in Australia, half of them are unknown. With more research, scientists hope that more species can be identified.

Ants have been around for 100 million years. They are a powerful predator and have outlived many reptiles and mammals. Contact CPH Solution here

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